This is the home of Hastings Sustainable Transport Forum.

Inaugural meeting – 19:00, Thursday 26th October, White Rock Hotel


The aims and objectives of the forum are as follows:


To bring together local not for profit groups with an interest in sustainable transport.

To raise awareness of sustainable transport issues and develop appropriate linkages with those with a responsibility for planning local transport services or programmes which impact on the Borough

To act as a focal point for consultation and engagement on matters related to sustainable transport

To help inform the development of local, county-wide, regional or national strategies plans or policies.

To monitor and review planning proposals and the implementation of transport-related objectives, policies, projects and actions by Local Authorities and other relevant organisations.

To provide a ‘meeting place’ where transport issues and concerns can be raised by all members in an open, transparent and inclusive way.

To enable partnership and collaboration and promote information sharing between local groups.

To promote, publicise and campaign to promote the implementation of sustainable transport initiatives to benefit local residents and visitors to Hastings.